The Dream Team

Close to each other, passionate, creative & relentless.
We have over 25 years of experience creating events that connect


Project manager

Judging by her interests, Éloïse is a true artist, or rather the work of art itself – whose contrast and colours grab the attention. She is gentle and empathic, creative and practical and loves to make use of light in many ways.


Project manager

The joker of the pack, always ready with a smile, Charlotte Rolet needs no further introduction. She is passionate about her job, creative, radiant and clear-thinking, while bringing that touch of craziness we all love. She will make you smile and bring the best sort of energy to your event.


Project manager

Maëva is like the cat who always lands on its feet: she is agile, intuitive and full of ideas and tips for finding solutions – and all at the best price too! She is very smart, with an innate business sense which she puts to good use in her projects, much to the delight of those she works with.


Project manager

Margaux has excellent organisational skills and knows how to plan for the unexpected and how to prepare for all possible scenarios with detail, rigour and precision. You can be sure that everything will run smoothly, with both style and elegance.


Project manager

Dependable as well as assiduous, prudent and creative, Noémie is ready for anything and gets fully involved with what she loves doing. She is definitely the ideal partner to have at your side, providing the best and nothing but the best.


Senior project manager

After 10 years in the job, Lionel is a sociable and essential member of the team and the key person who brings everyone together. When he plays sport or at work, he always maintains a calm, confident strength and tackles every project with panache, technique and talent.


Senior project manager

Muriel, with her bright smile, always brings the sort of energy that motivates and encourages people, and her excellent advice. She also lights up her projects with her sunny disposition and positivity. A woman of action, she loves to get involved: she is the ideal guide to lead projects in the right direction.


Senior project manager

Steve may be a dreamer, but he is analytical and cares about other people too. With a rich and varied professional career behind him, he loves to challenge ideas to make them run smoothly. Once he has the germ of an idea, he will do his best to make it work and go further than you could imagine.


Senior project manager

Els loves art, music and many other things too. Knowledge, culture and experience are the valuable resources she makes use of to enrich her projects and which inform her excellent advice. Conscientious and pragmatic, she is the perfect travelling companion to get you to the right destination.


Senior project manager

Puzzles has no secret for her : she an ace !
She is our mom at Dynamic, the one everyone knows and loves.


Project administrative support

Amélie is like our mother nature, radiating a simple, pure and gentle energy. She is a firm believer in ecology and well-being, and is always ready to listen and share ideas. Enjoying her role as a new mum, she likes to smooth the path for people and to find the right solutions that make everyone happy.


Dynamic Events Founder

A former sportsman with a competitive edge, Pierre is a man who loves a challenge, having created and built up his business. He is an attentive and prudent manager, whose energy and humility personify Dynamic’s guiding spirit and long history, which we are proud to continue.


Managing partner

A bit of an eccentric genius, he’s always ready for adventures, with endless creativity and boundless enthusiasm. A real heart of gold who has come up with those crazy ideas which have provided our greatest successes and best memories. He’s been the leader of our gang for 25 years now!